I am a compiler engineer and the lead of Lightbend’s Scala team.

Before joining Lightbend, I did a PhD at EPFL, Switzerland, working in Martin Odersky’s lab named LAMP.

I did a fair amount of hacking in the Scala compiler during my time at Lightbend, and also during my PhD. For example, I designed and implemented named and default arguments in Scala 2.8. More recently I worked on the bytecode optimzier in Scala 2.12 and 2.13.

My doctoral research was about systems for controlling side-effects in non-purely-functional programming languages. Concretely, I was working on a generic type-and-effect system for Scala. The project page is on Github.

In my computer-free time, I enjoy listening and playing music, climbing mountains and piloting small airplanes. Well, I hope to get back to doing these things once the kids are a little older!